Beeeeeutiful Rose Gold Foil!

Well, I was going for quite a while, wasn’t I? A year and a half! In that time, my kids have gotten older and are involved in more things and I’m just busier. But I’m still doing my nails!

Last Thanksgiving, I decided to try dip powder nails. They were great and really strong, but I didn’t like how thick they were. But in the 6 weeks I had them on (two different sets), my nails grew crazy long! And they’re still long. I keep thinking that every day I don’t break a nail is one more day that I’m tempting fate.

So, right now I have on this absolutely beautiful Cirque Colors Halcyon. It’s described as a “rose gold metallic polish with real silver flakes.” I just can’t quit staring at my nails!

As of today, 1/26/2018, it’s on sale at! (That isn’t an affiliate link, I just love the shop, the customer service and their great packaging!)


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Zoya Neons!!! 


Introducing ULTRABRITES* by ZOYA!

Say goodbye to annoying, hard-to-apply, streaky neons. In keeping with our brand philosophy to be The HEALTHY NEW COLOR of FASHION, Zoya’s revolutionary new ULTRABRITES formula delivers the brightest neons using the latest environmentally and cosmetically approved pigments in a highly stable formula.


That’s right! All of the BRIGHT with none of the industrial yuck and commonly associated with colors of this kind (and banned worldwide).


ZOYA ULTRABRITES can be worn alone in their natural satin finish or topped with ZOYA ARMOR topcoat or Zoya Naked ManicureTM Glossy Seal for a high shine finish. Apply over white nail polish (Zoya Purity) to add extra pop to your color!
· Cana – ZP865: Zoya Cana is a bright neon fuchsia cream.

· Bisca – ZP866: Zoya Bisca is a hot pink neon cream.

· Erza – ZP867: Zoya Erza is a sunny red neon cream

· Evergreen – ZP868: Zoya Evergreen is an electric green neon cream.

· Juvia – ZP869: Zoya Juvia is a summery teal neon cream.

· Mirajane – ZP870: Zoya Mirajane is a classic navy neon cream.





*Formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, THTP, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide and lead.


Now – July 12th, 2016 only (11:59 ET).


Purchase a Zoya ULTRABRITES Neon Intro Sampler (includes full sizes of all six new shades) and get a FREE Zoya Purity and Naked ManicureTM Glossy Seal. BONUS: Offer also includes FREE SHIPPING.


PRE-ORDER PRICE: $40 (regular price $60)




*Restrictions apply, see site for details

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This mani has a secret…

Media Sample sent for review.


Well, it could be that the polish color is actually neon pink. But that’s not it. My camera just couldn’t handle the beautiful hydrangea and the neon all at the same time! This is a soak-off gel polish from Jamberry (Mr. DJ from the TruShine system). The secret to this mani allowed me to take only 10 minutes to remove these gel nails without soaking!

Ok, here’s the secret…

Nail Bliss sent me this NailGuard to review and let me say, I love it! You can use it under any kind of polish and removal is super quick! So, I tried this under a gel mani because I always have the hardest time taking the gel off. It soaks and there are still bits left so I soak again. Or I give up and finally buff the small bits off. That’s not the best for my nails. And imagine this under a heavy glitter polish!

One package comes with 3 sets of guards which is enough for at least 3 manis. The extras can be used on accent nails for later manis. The guard is a super thin plastic (vinyl?) material. They won’t dry out after they’re open. The guard is between two pieces of plastic.

You pull the NailGuard off the strip – they’re perforated which makes it easy. I used a sheet of Jamberrys to figure out which strips to pick for each nail. After you pull the NailGuard off, you can take off the sticker backing. You’re left with a NailGuard attached to a sturdy enough piece of plastic.

You press the sticky part on your nail and it pulls away from the plastic top. Then you pull away the plastic top.

And you’re left with this super thin NailGuard! It went on really easily and since it was so thin, there wasn’t any worry about bubbling or not conforming to your nail shape like you might get with Jamberry wraps or other nail wraps.

Then you just file off the excess and your nails are ready for polish! All the nails have the NailGuard applied in this next picture. See how they’re a little shiny? (and try not to see how they’re dry – it’s the middle of a mani!)

Then I just applied and cured the gel base coat, gel and gel top coat as directed. There was no evidence that the NailGuard was even under there!

And when I was finished with this mani, it was so easy to remove! I dipped my orange stick in some polish remover and gently pried up the edge of the polish. After that, I kept putting remover under the NailGuard with my orange stick and it peeled right off with no nail damage. Yea!!

So, I really liked the product and I intend to use it again. Nail Bliss NailGuard is $3.99 at Sally Beauty Supply. That’s just over $1 per mani to keep your frustration level to a minimum when removing soak-off gel without the soak or removing that stubborn glitter polish. I can even see this being used on thin nails or on nails that are starting to tear.

Do you think you’d use this?

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Visit my Jamberry VIP group for a special offer from me! 

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Julep Tali

So here’s my next random Stash Swatch. 

Julep Tali

It is such a pretty color and the holo makes it quite distracting in the sunlight! The formula on this was…interesting. The polish dries matte, and it dries quickly. That caused some balding when you went over an area again. I had to paint from side to side instead of middle then sides. And the smell of this polish. Oh my gosh so much stink! I know there’s another Julep polish that had this same bad smell, but I can’t remember which one. 

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Zoya coupon!


Get ANY 4 Zoya Nail Polish Shades FREE*

Just pay promotional shipping 
Start your year off on a colorful note with NEW, toxin-free shades. We’re making it extra easy for you to get a head start on your resolutions by switching to a healthier, BIG5FREE formula… you can pick ANY 4 colors to receive FREE – just pay promotional shipping.


The hardest choice you’ll make all year is which 4 colors to choose!

Click HERE to get started.

Valid 1/6 – 1/13 (11:59pm EST)  
Terms & Conditions

Valid online only at through 1/13/15 (11:59pm EST). Excludes pre-packed items, Naked Manicure, Zoya Treatments and the Spring Whispers Collection shades. Promotional shipping fee $15. Not valid in conjunction with other coupons, codes or promotions. Continental US & Canada ONLY. International processing fee applies for orders outside the US. Art of Beauty is not responsible for incorrect addresses, credit card entry errors, web related issues or any errors associated with declined credit cards. Returns or exchanges of promotional items not permitted. Code must be entered at time of purchase – code cannot be reinstated on canceled orders. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing if volume warrants it.

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Stash Swatch Challenge

I’ve neglected my little blog here. Busy, busy, busy. And Jamberry…and I don’t know that y’all would appreciate nail decals over polish. 

So I’m going to challenge myself to try lots of polish from my stash using random numbers. The first number (1-21) and the second number(1-30) will give me the polish coordinates. Today I got 17/6. 

Here’s what I got…Butter London Jack the Lad. 

Green is my favorite color…but not in nail polish. This green polish has microshimmer of blue, green and gold. It went on pretty thin, but two coats covered everything. This is three coats. It was a part of the Holiday 2012 collection and I’m certain I got it in the collection because I don’t buy green polish. 

Right after taking this picture I removed this and got a new polish from my stash. It’s much prettier… This green is going straight to my destash drawer!

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Zoya Halloween Promo!


Get three Spooky Glam ZOYA NAIL POLISH shades for FREE.

  • Storm (Black Metallic Glam Sparkle Nail Polish)
  • Mimi (Purple Metallic Glam Sparkle Nail Polish)
  • Amy (Orange Metallic Glam Sparkle Nail Polish)


With any purchase of $25 or more, exclusively on!

Now thru Halloween (10/31/15)

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Glossique Nail Wraps

Provided for review by Glossique

Have you heard of Glossique? They are a company offering vinyl nail wraps. These wraps are similar to Jamberry, but they don’t require heat. 

A little history about the company from Magda, my contact:

“Nicolle and Cindy initiated the idea and invited me to the project. As three traveling business women, who are also moms, we frequently ran into the frustration of making time to get to the salon. We also attempted at-home manicures, however, you need time to let the polish dry and our nails were chipped after a day. Gel Polish emerged and we thought is sounded like a great long-lasting option! It took a lot of time to have them polished (then dried), not to mention the damage that followed.

Nicolle and Cindy were trying competitor products but they were very hard to apply, needed to use heat, or required a clear coat. They were looking for a solution that wouldn’t require heating, or using any chemicals like a clear coat. After testing a lot of different materials, they finally found the best one!

I’m very hopeless with doing my own nails, I’m from Europe and I always had a chance to have my manicure done in a professional inexpensive spa salon. Here in the States, I have had a hard time to find similar quality in a good price so Glossique nail wraps is a life saver for me! Now after a couple months, I can swear by them and I can’t imagine my life without them!”

Here’s the wrap I tried out: Warm Feelings

They have two sizes of wraps, petite and regular. The petite ones are skinnier. I got the regular size of these. 

The first thing I noticed was the number and sizing of the wraps. There are 19 wraps and they have the smallest in the center of the sheet. 

The next thing I noticed was the difference between the preview image and the actual sheet I received. My sheet has half and half of each design instead of just a few accents. 

Magda has been incredibly helpful answering all my questions. I asked her about this difference. Here is her reply:

“We had requests to add more of the second pattern and had done so but did not get to updating the template on the website with the new version. However, after testing the updated half and half patterns we have decided to go back to the four “accent” nails only.”

Ok. That makes sense. Let’s get these on! I followed the instructions found on their website. Because of the order of the wraps, I took one of my Jamberry sheets to compare sizes since I know which Jams fit which fingers. With these, you don’t need heat. I sat on my couch one afternoon and put these on. 

Sweet! And they went on really easily. The vinyl was really easy to stretch and pull to fit over my domed nails. This helps the wraps from getting puckers on the sides and tips. I used a glass file to file off the edges instead of cutting them close to the nail tip as the instructions suggest.  These look really great! 

You might notice the circle image on the thumbnail image above. On the biggest wrap, the frames are circles. As the wraps get smaller, the circles squish to ovals. I asked Magda about this and here is her response:

“We have tried shrinking the pattern and offsetting it so the size is relative, the downfall to these options is that you lose the look of the pattern in both options. Therefore, we have opted to the default which is what you received. We have come to the conclusion that when the patterns are on your nails it is not very noticeable. Most of our patterns though are to scale.”

I will have to agree with the theory that it’s not as noticible on the nail. 

The wear on these is great! On day three, all of the corners and tips were still really well adhered to my nail. And even more impressive, there were no puckers on the tips or the sides. 

These pretties stayed on a week before I *had* to take them off. I messed up one of the vinyls trying to untie a shoe. The rest were still looking great but I couldn’t stand the one messed up. I could have gotten several more days out of them. 

I removed these according to the directions. They said to just peel from the cuticle to the tip. Well, I would not suggest that method at all. I did that and managed to peel off layers of my nail. So, don’t take these off without at least using some oil to loosen them. And I usually get a flosser stick and use that to go between the wrap and the nail. There wasn’t a sticky residue left over, but they did a number on my nails. I lightly buffed my nails to smooth them, but I wouldn’t suggest buffing too often or too hard. That’s your nail your buffing off…it gets thinner and thinner with each buffing. 

So, my review of these gives Glossique an A+! They are $15 per sheet and frequently offer coupon codes. You can purchase these on their website 

*And here’s my funny story about these: every time I looked at the black and pink circles, I saw monkeys in the frames. Please tell me you see them too! 

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Jamberry Wraps over Lacquer

Affiliate links

Meet Julep Mari.  She’s described as a “Peony linear liquid holographic” by Julep. While I would say it is far from a linear holographic, it is still a gorgeous pink with an almost glowing shimmer that has a very faint scattered holo. To compare, here’s an amazing linear holo I’ve reviewed. 


At any rate, this polish is absolutely going into my “Favorite Polish” box. Wait…why don’t I have a box like that? It would be full of holos, neons and Tiffany blues!

What would be in your favorite polish box?

And to guild the lily, I added a clear Jamberry wrap on my accent nail. Look how great it looks layered over the polish! There are tons of wraps for all styles.  

Want this color, or something else from Julep?  Use code 15PRETTY for 15% off! 

Coupon Restrictions: Offer expires on 9/4/15 at 11:59pm PT. Promotional code 15PRETTY must be entered at checkout. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional code and is limited to one use per customer. Promotion excludes the Jule Box, Savvy Deals, Julep add-ons, Sweet Steals and Secret Store catalogs. Not valid for purchase of gift cards, gift boxes, Gift of Maven, or Mystery Boxes. Orders placed for the Monthly Maven Reveal (e.g. monthly Maven Boxes, Upgrade Boxes, and add-ons) are not eligible. All items purchased with promotional code are final sale, absolutely no exchanges or returns. No adjustments on previous purchases. Taxes vary by location.

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